Want to increase the size of your muscles? Then you probably wold love to know how to do it quickly. Do you belief that intense workouts six days a week or more food will accomplish it? The body can easily be harmed if it is asked to work out six out of seven days. Muscle gain does not have to be present before injuries occur. It is not good to over exercise which actually slows down your muscle growth.

The issue is that a six day workout schedule puts the emphasis on frequency of exercise. You are the placing your focus on the wrong thing. The intensity of your workout will be the more important determiner to muscle growth. Your workouts will,Learn to Gain Muscle Fast by Doing Less and Getting More Articles as a result, be less frequent, but you will be working much harder. The following schedule is very reasonable for achieving rapid muscle growth.

Weekday 1: Exercise upper bodyWeekday 2: Exercise lower bodyWeekday 3: Day of restWeekday 4: Exercise upper bodyWeekday 5: Exercise lower bodyWeekday 6: Day of restWeekday 7: Day of rest

Obviously four workouts each week will suffice, six will not be necessary. By dividing the workout into two section, upper and lower body, this plan removes the focus on individual muscle groups.

My recommendation is that beginners remember that less-is-more when working out. It would be best for a beginner to start slowly, maybe three workouts per week, building up to four.

It is my recommendation that you cut back on cardio workouts if you want to experience muscle growth. My experience is that cardio workouts are unnecessary and provide no muscle growth value, so it is best to do very little if any cardio workouts. It is best to keep your cardio routines to no more than twenty minutes, and no more than three times per week. It is your goal to build your muscles, not burn calories.

It will be important for your diet to include enough liquid calories. If you plan on muscle growth, you will need a great amount of both protein and carbs. If your results are not what you were hoping for, try adding milk and yogurt to your diet. This is an excellent way to add protein to your diet, which is essential for muscle growth.

A common question for me is supplements. You can get some benefit from many supplements including protein shakes. The very best supplements include creatine, something you cannot get in good amounts in a diet. You may find creatine very useful in fast muscle growth, and it comes in an easy to use powder form. I have shown you a plan for muscle growth that relies on four a week workouts and a diet rich in nutrients, especially hydroxicut protein.

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